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Vox AC 30 Twin Amp+
2x12 Bulldog Box, 1964


Classic Analog Recording & Mixing with Vintage Mics, Amps & instruments

Contact: info@v76-studios.de  D-22769 Hamburg/Altona Mobil +49 [0]179 10 33 856


Songs recorded in the V76-Studios on youtube


Why not record like they used to – together in one go

with vintage-equipment from the 40‘s to the present.

It‘s fast, it‘s fun and it sounds darn well good!

Use our tubemics, ribbonmics and dynamic mics,

vintage guitars, vintage Höfner Bass, Vintage amps and
V76 and V72 Tubepreamps.

Unique, listen to the first song (songlink above):

1-Inch 8-Track-Ampex AG 440 Multitrack

(used by The Beatles („Hey Jude“, „Honey Pie“),

more recently by „Sharon Shones and the Dab Kings“

or James Hunter „Hold On“) or our 12-channel Mixing Desk

(1973). Phoenix Vari-MU Master Compressor
EMT 240 Goldfoilreverb
Tape-Echos, Spring-Reverb. 

Record analog – mix to a Studer B67 2-Track-Machine. 

Use the punchy Tape-Sound of the Ampex-8-Track-Recorder

and transfer to DAW while recording in one go.

Mix the best of two worlds – digital and analog!

Record in our 20 qm Recording-Room

or our Control/Recording-Room (35 qm).

For the „vibe“, many of our customers recorded the

basic tracks together in one room,

some even with the final vocal-track.  

You can also record digitally and use our analog outboard.

If you have digitally recorded tracks we can mix them
analog to real tape (Studer B67) and/or transfer to
24 bit. Prices can be on a hourly, daily or project-basis,
depending on the size of the project/recording-session and
number of musicians. Please inquire for special

prices. Below you can see impressions and some of the
CD‘s recorded in the V76-Studios.

Feel free to contact us: info@v76-studios.de 

Cheers, enjoy watching and listening!

Ludwig Drum Kit black oyster, 1968, Vox Ac 50 & Foundation 18 Box & Hoefner 500/2Club Bass

Right & below: some of the great musicians I had the pleasure to work with. thank you, folks !

Below: Melodium Ribbon Mic, 1946

for that nice, mellow Crooner Sound

Left: Ampex AG440 Multitrack
1-Inch 8-Track, 1968-1972

Used by: The Beatles („Hey Jude“, 1968, „I want you“, 1969), Kitty & Daisy & Lewis, Sharon Jones and the Dab Kings, James Hunter („Hold On“)

Right: Studer B67 2-Track

Below: Neumann/Wilag Bottle Mic 1946, rescinned M7 Capsule, compares well with U47

Right below: Neumann U87

Above: discrete mixing desk, 1973

below: V76 & V72 tube preamps , 1964-1972

 Preis der deutschen
 Schallplattenkritik 2007

Above: B&O BM 5 Stereo RibbonMic, 1965 with new magnets
Below: Dynacord Echocord, 1963